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10 Cheap and Free Summer Fonts to Elevate Your Design Projects in Canva

10 Cheap and Free Summer Fonts to Elevate Your Design Projects in Canva

  • Are you ready to infuse your design projects with a touch of summer magic? ☀️ Look no further! 😎

When it comes to design projects, fonts play a crucial role in setting the tone and conveying the right message. With summer right around the corner, it’s time to infuse your creations with the vibrant and playful spirit of the season.

In this article, we’ll explore 10 cheap and free summer fonts that will take your design projects to the next level. From invitations to décor, these fonts will add a touch of ✨summer magic✨ to your creations.

🌞 Get ready to unleash your creativity and create stunning designs that scream summer! 🌴

This article contains a curated selection of products that my team and I think you’ll love. We may earn a commission on some of the products you choose to buy, but it won’t cost you anything extra.

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10 Cheap and Free Summer Fonts to Elevate Your Design Projects in Canva

How to Use the Summer Fonts

When it comes to design, personal preferences play a significant role. However, it’s essential to remember that certain design rules are timeless and applicable to any project, regardless of the aesthetic. Fonts, in particular, hold significant importance in design.

The choice of font can make or break a design, and with the vast array of options available, it can be challenging to determine where to begin. But worry not! We’re here to help.

Here are some practical tips for using summer fonts in your design projects:

1. Limit your color palette to maintain a clean and cohesive design. Complementary colors like pale blue and white or pink and orange work well.

2. Prioritize legibility over aesthetics. Beautiful decorative fonts may tempt you, but readability is crucial.

3. Pay attention to kerning and line spacing to ensure a visually pleasing composition.

4. Reflect the theme of your design by choosing fonts that align with it. Playful fonts suit summer birthday invitations, while relaxed and casual fonts are ideal for beach resort projects.

5. Consider the tone of your project, whether lighthearted and fun or serious and formal, and select fonts accordingly.

6. Tailor your font choice to your audience. Different projects require different fonts, so be mindful of your target audience.

7. Keep it simple by avoiding excessive fonts or decorations. Stick to one or two fonts used sparingly.

8. Finally, enjoy the creative process. Let the vibrant and playful nature of summer fonts inspire your design.

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10 Summer Fonts that are Perfect for Everything from Invitations to Décor

10 Cheap and Free Summer Fonts to Elevate Your Design Projects in Canva in article blog banner

Now, let’s dive into our selection of ten cheap and free summer fonts that are perfect for everything from invitations to décor. These fonts will infuse your designs with the essence of summer, whether you’re going for a tropical, nautical, or simply playful theme.

Here they are:

1. Fabulous Summer Font Bundle


Limited time offer: Grab these 8 installable fonts in one download, for a savings of over 70% off!

2. Fireworks – 4th of July Font & Bonus Star Studded Font

Fireworks - 4th of July Font & Bonus Star Studded Font

3. Sweet Summer Font Bundle


4. Cute Summer Tropical Font

Summer Tropical Font

5. Summers Font

Summers Font

6. Holiday Summer Font Bundle

Summer Holiday Font Bundle

7. Summer Festival Font

Summer Festival Font

8. Summer Party Font

Summer Party Font

10. Under Sea Font

Under Sea Font

Design Projects that You Can Create with Summer Fonts in Canva

Summer fonts offer a wide range of possibilities for your design projects, and Canva is here to help you take your summer creations to the next level.

Here are seven summer designs/projects you can create using Canva and our favorite summer fonts.

1. Chic Summer Party Invitation: Combine a light and airy script font with a traditional serif font to create an elegant and fun summer party invitation. Consider using fonts like Summer Tropical, Summers or Summer Party.

2. Fun and Festive Birthday Party Invitation: Make your birthday party invitation stand out with a bright and colorful font that captures the excitement of the event. Fonts like Under Sea or Summer Festival are perfect for this.

3. Bright and Bold Beach Party Invitation: Create a beach party invitation that catches everyone’s attention with a vibrant and bold font. Fonts like Summer Festival or Summer Party will make your invitation pop against a beach-themed background.

4. Pool Party Invitation: Dive into the summer fun with a playful and energetic font for your pool party invitation. Fonts like Summer Beach or Summers will bring the perfect touch of excitement.

5. Summer-Themed Baby Shower Invitation: Capture the sweetness of a summer-themed baby shower with a font that is both sweet and playful. Fonts like Summer Tropical or Summer Festival will help create an adorable invitation.

6. Tropical-Themed Bridal Shower Invitation: Transport your guests to a tropical paradise with fonts that evoke the feeling of the tropics. Fonts like Hayati or Bikini Babe will set the right mood for your bridal shower.

7. Patriotic Fourth of July Celebration Invitation: Get your guests in the patriotic spirit with fonts that embody the essence of America. Fonts like Fireworks Fonts Duo will help you create a memorable Fourth of July celebration invitation.

Unfortunately, the option to upload fonts is available to Canva Pro users. Nevertheless, there is no need to worry as you can take advantage of a 30-day free trial to experience the full benefits.

Alternatively, if you choose to upgrade, the monthly cost is a only $12.95. However, by joining through my referral link, you can enjoy an exclusive discount of $35 off the annual subscription. This is an enticing opportunity to unlock a wealth of font customization options and enhance your design projects.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our roundup of summer fonts. Be sure to check back soon for more great font roundups!

Let us know your favorite summer font in the comments, or share your finished work with us on social media, tag us @avemateiu on Instagram or Twitter.

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10 Cheap and Free Summer Fonts to Elevate Your Design Projects in Canva
10 Cheap and Free Summer Fonts to Elevate Your Design Projects in Canva 2023
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