10 New FREE Beautiful Calligraphy Fonts

Hello lovelies, welcome back to my blog! How’s everything going? For my new lovelies, hi, welcome to my blog😊 how are ya? Thank you for following me🌻 Today’s post is about calligraphy fonts. I, personally, love the art of calligraphy even though my handwriting is far far far away from being as harmonious as the fonts below.

In case you want new fonts for your personal blog or everything that is for personal use only, I made a list with 10 new free fonts for you.

Probably my favorite site to download free fonts is dafont.com. Besides calligraphy, they have handwritten fonts, brush fonts and ohhh my so many various Holiday fonts. You will love it too.

As you already know, dafont.com has a huge collection of free fonts. You can browse by alphabetical listing, by style, by author or by popularity. You can also type your text and preview it.

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Here are 10 New FREE Beautiful Calligraphy Fonts:

1. Cartier by Graphix Line Studio

Illustration © Graphix Line Studio

2. Diantha by Amar Lettering

Illustration © Amar Lettering

3. Leather by Muhammad Akbar

Illustration © Muhammad Akbar

4. Aniyah by Din Studio

Illustration © Din Studio

5. Samellya by Mas Anis Studio

Illustration © Mas Anis Studio

6. Afrile Script by Masinong Studio

Illustration © Masinong Studio

7. Sallat by Meutuwah

Illustration © Meutuwah

8. Sweet Girls by Haksen Creative Co

Illustration © Haksen Creative Co

9. Qatielia Script by Syahputra

Illustration © Syahputra

10. Astereiska by Amar Lettering

Illustration © Amar Lettering

Featured image: styledstock.co

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