Hello lovelies, how’s everything going? Are you ready for the changing season? Today’s post is a bit of inspiration just in case you are wondering what’s going on in


Hello beauties, how’s everything going? Am I the only one who loves autumn? I can’t wait to admire the changing color and the falling leaves. I already have a stunning bucket list that includes making

The making of Cartier watches is a complex art of processing materials and gemstones, but also of messages.

Hello lovelies, how’s everything going?

We’ve all seen them. The same old, tired lists of regurgitated tips on how to blog better. They’re so common, you could probably name most of them in your sleep. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired

Hello everyone! It’s finally Friday 😍 I haven’t been this excited about Friday … since last Friday 😄 Long story short, this post is about food trends because eating well is a form of self-respect. Enjoy it all

It’s no secret we love a good beauty hack. (Seriously though—from lipstick to mascara to hair spray, we’ve rounded up a treasure trove of experts’ tricks.) Up next in our quest for the best beauty routine

Hello lovelies, it’s Monday! Don’t forget to be awesome 😍

There has been an undeniable trend of women dresses over trousers which have been seen

Short Memories

Christian Dior was a French fashion designer whose post–World War II creations were wildly popular, and whose legacy continues