2023 Procreate Color Palettes


Elevate your branding and design instantly with the 2023 Color Palette Collection.

Each of the 50 color palettes are professionally created with 6 well-balanced colors each. Perfect for designers, digital artists, illustrators, photographers, interior designers, wedding planners, small businesses and influencers.

Take your design to the next level by picking the right colors!



🎨 You’ll receive 50 png images of each color palette. Each sized 2215 x3317 px with 300 DPI.

🎨 You’ll receive a 13 page PDF with reference colors, swatches, hex codes, and palette names.

🎨 You’ll receive .svg vector file with all color palettes included.

🎨 Easily upload the a .ase file to Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Procreate, and Figma for quick and easy palette installation.

🎨 Easily implement the color palettes into your Canva or Procreate swatches with hex codes.