How to start a blog

How to start a blog

Hello, lovelies! After the series ‘How to start a powerful blog’ where you learned what it takes to launch a blog, I will show you an easy ‘how to start a blog’ tutorial, step by step, with pictures.

Basically, today I will show you two tutorials:

  1. How to start a FREE WordPress blog ( (Page 1)
  2. How to start a self-hosted WordPress blog on Bluehost ( (Page 2)

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So, let’s dive in!

1. How to start a FREE WordPress blog

Step 1: Get started with

Step 2: Complete the 3 steps offered by WordPress

1. Enter your future site name e.g. mine is Ave Mateiu – Dream big & Mate it happen

2. Enter the main categories e.g. mine are Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle

3. Set your goals for your site

Enter your future blog address. You can buy the address with the extension .com or .net or your preferred extension. Simply just click on them. Or you can select the FREE address. Later you can change it. 

At step 3 click on Start with free. You can purchase a plan or later you can purchase it. I use the Premium plan. For the benefits of plans click here.

And boom, you are now the owner of your personal blog!

Step 3: Finishing the little details

This is your new dashboard

From Site Pages: Easily create pages for your blog

From Blog Posts: You can add new blog posts or manage all your posts

From Media: Add, edit or delete your files: pictures, documents, etc.

And from Settings you can personalize your blog the way you want it.

Step 4: Customize your blog by picking a new theme

The WordPress Admin Dashboard

It provides access to several administrative functions. On the left side is the main navigation that provides access to most of the WordPress management tools. Each major section typically comes with a sub-menu that can fly out and expand to show extra options. The area in the middle of the screen is called the work area. This is where you can write, edit, and delete posts as well as adjust settings. via

Writing your first post

Posts -> Add New – And let your imagination go crazy.

    1. Post title: Write a catchy title. For more details, please visit my part 2 from the series ‘How to start a powerful blog’
    2. Permalink: That’s your post URL. You can modify his format from Settings -> Permalinks.
    3. In this area you have more options: to save your post as a draft, to preview your post. At Publicize, you can select where to share your post.
    4. The writing area: Microsoft Office Word’s most features so BE CURIOS.
    5. Categories, tags, featured image, slug, format – for more info about each one, please click on them.
    6. Text: Easily create your post with HTML codes.
    7. At screen option you can customize how your writing editor will look.
    8. After hitting the Publish button your post is LIVE. That means everyone can see it.

I truly hope you’ve found this tutorial helpful.

For more, please visit:

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View the ‘How to start a self-hosted WordPress blog on Bluehost (’ by clicking the link below:  

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