Hello beauties, how’s everything going? Am I the only one who loves autumn? I can’t wait to admire the changing color and the falling leaves. I already have a stunning bucket list that includes making


Hello lovelies, it’s Monday! Don’t forget to be awesome 😍

There has been an undeniable trend of women dresses over trousers which have been seen

Hello May, we’ve been waiting for you 💃 Every day is one step closer to summer, so, less Monday and more summer, please.

May is ebullience, my dears. It’s full

Weekend! 48 blissfully lazy hours aren’t the only good things about the weekend—though they are pretty awesome. Number one on my list is being able to wear all the cool, comfy clothes that are off

Even if you are in a relationship or not, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to choose a sexy look but elegant at the same time.

If you want to have that chic and

Flowered prints I think are wonderful – silk prints in beautiful colours are lovely for afternoon suits, dinner frocks or cocktail dresses. And pink  – the colour of happiness and of femininity. Every woman should have 

Autumn is not just the season with bronze dresses, it’s also the ideal season for full delights. With so many knitwear in numerous patterns and colors, winter can be so pleasant. October is the most golden

When it comes to fashion week, designers might be showing off the latest looks for spring 2015 on the runways, but there are plenty of notable fashion moments happening on the streets. Photographer