Whoever said that money doesn’t buy happiness didn’t know where to shop. B. Waldorf 

Hello lovelies! A sparkle Monday and a bright week I am wishing you 👑 Summer is almost here, 36 days left till Summer more precisely, and the sun protection is already on my desk, an unbeatable ally for my skin.

The fashion industry clearly


Enter into the festive atmosphere with amazing dresses that will encourage you to dream, to party and to be happy. Whether you offer them, whether you wear them, the new Muee.com creations are an unmissable delight.

Holidays. The lights are shining so bright in the city and every store is decorated with garland, globes and an amazing

Let’s party in style because the season of parties is here! This year is way more simple to decide on your fabulous evenings outfits because this season offers you all the weapons that you need to be in the center of attention. And when it comes to dresses, there is only one rule: fabulous and super stylish.