Hello beauties, how’s everything going? 🤗

I don’t why but the smell of autumn is my favorite. Misty mornings, barely sun rays and the changing colors … they just put


It’s no secret we love a good beauty hack. (Seriously though—from lipstick to mascara to hair spray, we’ve rounded up a treasure trove of experts’ tricks.) Up next in our quest for the best beauty routine

Here comes the sun! Hello lovelies 😘 With every passing day we are getting closer to summer…stargazing, homemade ice-cream, night swimming, catching fireflies, tanning (a loot🌞) and the list

Au naturel, done with some light colored shades, with glitter or with a glossy touch, the new makeup trends are all about outlining your look, in a subtle and a very modern way, for example, the new

Hello lovelies 🙂 How’s everything going? Enhance your gorgeous personality with these six fascinating beauty products who are the essence of beauty, health and the art of subtle charm

The latest beauty products on the market not only covers imperfections, but also softens the skin and cares for it. As a rule of conduct, the most important is to apply a moderate 
amount of product and fine textures

Christmas time – It’s time to sing carols, to spoil ourselves with cinnamon or orange flavors and … to decorate our home! Fresh green fir tree, garlands and holly wreaths, all to recreate the magic atmosphere of Christmas.

Quel beau visage! Spoil yourself this winter with evianŽ Facial Spray. Even if most of us don’t really want it, winter is coming, so, for a hydrated, super neat and radiantly skin, evianŽ Facial Spray is