How to: start a powerful blog – Part 1

how to start a powerful blog p1

Hello, lovelies🤗 How’s everything going?  I do hope you’re doing well and you’re having a great summer😄 🍦

‘How to start a blog’: a really common pin on Pinterest with almost the same content and just about ‘making money’. Well, we all know how to sign up and, boom, we have A BLOG. Extremely easy, in my opinion. But, it’s not just about that.

Today’s post is quite simple, yet fascinating and intriguing. I’m going to tell you what you actually need to set up a powerful blog based on my mistakes and teachings from working with my blog.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in😎

The only way to do great work is to love what you do.

Steve Jobs

How to start a powerful blog – part 1

how to start a powerful blog p1

It all starts with an idea. To have a blog. But not just any blog, a blog with your touch.

If you are:

  • a make up artist – a blog with your amazing work, makeup tips & tricks, new products, etc.
  • a photographer – a blog with your magnificent photographs, new techniques, bucket lists, etc.
  • a newly open coffee shop – a blog with your varieties of coffee beans that your customers will find in your coffee shop, history of coffee beans, meet the team, etc.

You get the point, a blog is something that represents you and your work.

Now, if you plan to only win overnight a ton of money through your blog, my dear, you are in a wrong place.

Your blog should be your canvas.

A place where your passion is blooming.

Patiently, you will win a great amount of tips, love, support, experience, more tips, more love and eventually, money.

My series consists of 3 blog posts:

  1. The business plan – what you need to know before you actually set up your blog
  2. The platforms, not 9 3/4 platform (Hello, HP fans 🧙‍♂️)  – the blogging platform. Where, why and how to sign up on the best blogging platform and publishing the first post
  3. The maintenance and how to gain money with your blog – in order to have a powerful blog you need to keep it going – and yes, you also need a plan for that. Lucky you, I have that too.

Today’s blog post is all about your plan before you actually sign up for a blog.

1. The business plan

The business plan is made from:

A. Picking a topic
B. Deciding your mission & goals
C. Picking a domain
D. Picking the little details
E. Picking your socials

You want a blog. What do you need? My dear, you need a plan, a simple one.

A. You need to pick a topic. Your topic is the answer to the question below:

About what do you what to write?

Quite easy.

As I enjoy the sweet smell of my coffee right now, let’s make coffee the star of this example. So, you decided to write about coffee.

You can now write about: coffee recipes, coffee reviews, how to’s, where to’s and so on.

B. To decipher your missions you need to answer to a bundle of questions:

  • Why are you writing about coffee?
  • What are your aspirations?
  • What is your uniqueness?

Basically, you need to write down your story, products and services, all related to coffee.

After that, you can set up your goals. Yearly goals, monthly goals or weekly goals, it’s up to you.

GOALS = Your objectives regarding your mission.

In order to create your perfect goals, yes, you need to answer a few more questions:

  • What are your objectives?
  • Why is this important to you?
  • What is your REWARD?
  • What are your action steps?
  • What are your obstacles and the solutions?

With all this q’s it looks like you are better running a couples miles than to just answer this q’s. But, a quick reminder: this is your passion. And you know your passion by heart.

C. Next, you need to pick a domain.

The domain is the address of your blog. When your readers want to visit your blog, they just type your domain. It should be easy to remember, catchy and based on your topic or blog name.

You have the notorious WordPress and Blogger. It’s easy to sign up for this platform. Trust me. Choosing which one is best for you, the pros and the cons – it’s a topic that I will discuss in my second part of this series.

My domain is – it’s not just my surname, it’s a little story and every time I say it, it reminds me of one of my favorites actors, Alain Delon as Julius Caesar in Asterix at the Olympic Games saying Ave (which means Hail in Latin, so Hail Mateiu😄).

The funny part, before you pick your domain, is to make sure you check if the domain is available AND IF you want the same social usernames make sure you check if those are available too.

Where to check your domain? You can use Domain Check or you can do it manually. Simply just type your domain with .com or .net IF you are going to BUY the domain. For the FREE version, on WordPress is and on Blogger – I will explain all en détail on my second part of this series.

D. When it comes to little details, I have in mind a beautiful quote by John Wooden:

It’s the little details that are vital.

Little things make big things happen.

By little details, I mean everything that makes you YOU.

  • Blog name and tagline, your slogan
  • Logo
  • Contact info

Once you agreed on them, you can easily move forward.

E. Picking your favorite social networks.  The social networks are your best partners for your growing mission and the perfect tools that increase the readers’ engagement.

The most important are:

Why these are so special? And why ‘for business’? The answer is simple. To help you fulfill your goals. And to provide you insights about your followers and your posts and, if you want, to promote your mission. An easy way to keep in touch with your readers.

If you think that blog means ‘ I will just sign up on a platform and I will instantly gain a million bucks’…

… Oh, my dear, it is just…hmm, not like that.

A blog is so much more than that. It is your business card in your business. It is where you let your imagination go wild and crazy, it is a piece of your soul, your thoughts, your own art gallery.

how to start a powerful blog

And, for that, I have a little gift: a FREE checklist (more like a business plan where you write down everything to start the blog of your dream).

I hope you enjoyed this post and see you on my next post 😍 Many exciting surprises are planned ahead, so stay tuned 🔜

Don’t forget:

Dream big & Make it happen