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Know Your Beauty Routine: Concealer Tips

May your day be as flawless as your makeup. BossBabe

It’s no secret we love a good beauty hack. (Seriously thoughโ€”from lipstick to mascara to hair spray, we’ve rounded up a treasure trove of experts’ tricks.) Up next in our quest for the best beauty routine ever: concealer.ย 

Concealer is a staple part of most womenโ€™s make-up bags. Efficient at covering blemishes and hiding dark circles itโ€™s the tiny little pot or pen that can make a huge difference to your look. Itโ€™s such a crucial part of our make-up regimes but knowing when, how and where to apply it, isnโ€™t all that simple. Plus, the concealer hybrids that contain highlighters and anti-ageing ingredients make choosing the right one for you an even trickier decision.

When should you apply your concealer?

โ€œAlways start with your foundation,โ€ says Sadie Hewlett, โ€œonce youโ€™ve applied a base youโ€™ll have a better idea of what need extra coverage with concealer. Donโ€™t be tempted to go too light with your concealer, you actually want to try to get the shade as close to your foundationย as you can. To get the most natural finish, apply a small amount with a brush and blend until it becomes a part of your base.โ€ย 

How to banishย under-eye bags

โ€œI always use two different types of concealer under the eyes. The first step is to match your foundation and create as even a base as possible,โ€ says Sadie. โ€œThe second is a light-reflecting concealer, but your touch with this has to be very light as the light reflecting particles can look bright white in pictures. To use these sorts of highlighters properly, apply a small amount to the inner corners of the eyes and blend up and out with a light patting motion to warm up the product and get a natural looking blend.โ€ย 

Know your concealer textures

โ€œMy advice is to use a liquid concealer around the eyes,โ€ says Sadie. โ€œLiquid is less likely to sit in any creases so the effect will be smoother. Cream concealers are much better for covering blemishes or if youโ€™re after slightly more coverage.โ€ย 

Source: Pinterest

Donโ€™t forget: happiness is the best outfit!ย 

Which is your favorite concealer? ย 

I hope you enjoyed this post and see you on my next post ๐Ÿ˜ย Many exciting surprises are planned ahead, so stay tunedย ๐Ÿ”œ

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