Top 25 wonderful weekend pleasures!

Oh weekend, may I kiss you? Let’s just unplug a little bit from our daily routine and just relax. Let’s face it, we all need to rest ourselves after a looong week full of work and work. It’s almost summer so

let’s look beyond imperfections and enjoy every moment because being happy never goes out of style.

Here are 25 wonderful weekend pleasures for stress reducing and self-care:

  1. Enjoy your family and friends;
  2. Savour good memories;
  3. Go outside, sit comfortably and enjoy your surroundings with a good cup of tea, coffee or lemonade;
  4. Get a massage;
  5. Tell a joke;
  6. Cook your favourite meal;
  7. Do something artistic;
  8. Do a DIY project;
  9. Make lists and write down your goals;
  10. Spend time with your pet;
  11. Take pictures of everything that inspires you;
  12. Go for a walk in your favourite park;
  13. Listen your uplifting song and dance;
  14. Read a book or a magazine;
  15. Learn a new skill or improve an existing one;
  16. Camp in your backyard;
  17. Make a bonfire and roast marshmallows;
  18. Visit a museum or an art gallery;
  19. Plan your next week;
  20. Make new friends;
  21. Hike or bike ride or both;
  22. Buy yourself something cute;
  23. Swim;
  24. Watch a good movie;
  25. Slow it down, relax and laugh 😄

And garden, volunteer, visit the beach, a zoo or an aquarium. Count the blessings and treat yourself with kindness. Do what makes you happy.

I really hope that these healthy habits inspired you and you will have an awesome weekend and every weekend from now on.

Which of these wonderful weekend pleasures you will try? Let me know in the comments 😘

I hope you enjoyed this post and see you on my next post 😍 Many exciting surprises are planned ahead, so stay tuned 🔜

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