V’s Day: Top 6 Jewellery Collections

With the Valentine’s Day approaching very fast, if you are single – surprise your dearest friends with small but precious attentions. If you are in a relationship, optfor stylish gifts, like a

 bracelet that can be tailored to different styles or either a stylish watch, very feminine, or a classic one, masculine inspiration. Be anchored in time – the time we love.

Let yourself inspired by this amazing collections of jewellery and share the beauty of Valentine’s day with your loved ones:

1. Celebrate love with the new  Valentine’s Day collection
In 2017 Valentine’s Day Collection, Pandora has created hand-finished jewellery, reinterpreting symbols and messages of love that will help you give your loved ones an unforgettable gift or to complete your outfit.

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2. Pop-art and reinvented models
The design elements already representing the brand, as well as faceted casings, distorted buttons or quilted leather straps can be found in Karl Lagerfeld’s winter collection.

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3. The beauty of simplicity and the minimalist design
Fossil invites us to look at the horizon and to the new beginnings, an idea inspired by both blue color and the modern creations of artist Agnes Martinez. The collection is made of striped prints,  minimalist watches,  neutral colors palettes and jewellery with simplistic design.

ic_fav_women_lifestyle ic_fav_women_lifestyle24. The excellence of crystal jewellery
Oliver Weber’s Jewellery Collection exclusively uses Swarovski crystals, guaranteeing excellence in design and quality and surprising combinations using lights and colors.

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5.  Rough diamonds parts, inspired by Greek mythology
The new collection of jewellery Messika, Thea, light inspired by the goddess of heaven, is focused on triangular cut, which addresses a futuristic style.

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6. Emotionally charged jewellery for women
The sleek design, the passion, the attention for details and the workmanship of Italian gold processing positions LeBebe brand among the most approached brands  in the world. Produced entirely in Italy, the jewels are made of highest quality materials.


Nothing is too much when it comes to people we love, isn’t it? Give them a bit of shine and the centre of attention is reserved exclusively for you.

Which of these are your favourite? What are your plans to celebrate the Valentine’s Day? Let me know in the comments!

Dare to love!

Hope you enjoy it!

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Beaming love,

Ave Mateiu

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