#OOTD: Dolce Spring

Flowered prints I think are wonderful – silk prints in beautiful colours are lovely for afternoon suits, dinner frocks or cocktail dresses. And pink  – the colour of happiness and of femininity. Every woman should have 

something pink in her wardrobe. Christian Dior

For an extra pop of colour and freshness, choose floral prints – pastels or neon colours. If you want a romantic look, the perfect choice is a long dress with floral prints. Pink is one of the spring colours that can quickly change your mood. It can make you feel more bold, more happy and more young.

Don’t forget, even a single floral accessory can radically change an outfit so let yourself inspired by the elegance and femininity of the spring colours.

Dolce Spring



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Smile. And if you can’t find a reason to, do it for me.

Featured image: poshbrazilian