Top White F/W Coats – 2015

There’s an irresistibly indulgent air to this season’s outerwear – all creamy hues, sumptuous padding and high-impact Hollywood glamour. Less functional, more fabulous – it captures

the season’s sartorial shift, as designers trade practical simplicity for luxury, drama and opulence. (VOGUE)

Impractical it may be, but the white coat stakes its claim to hero status this season, with a blizzard of choices blanketing the catwalks. Supremely feminine – the palette is delicate, the fabrics luxe, the silhouettes soft and sinuous. Even the details (waist-cinching belts, broad fluffy collars and brooch-like buttons) boast a ladylike charm.

Source and more Fall/Winter ideas: VOGUE UK

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The trenchcoat – synonymous with wet weather dressing and looking especially chic on Audrey Hepburn in her Breakfast at Tiffany’s days, it hails from the 19th Century originally as a military style, which later became incarnated as a day-to-day version following World War One. VOGUE UK