#OOTD – A little bit of Floral

Blooms continue to flourish on clothing and accessories for fall. But this season, they are taking on a darker mood, blossoming from black-as-night backgrounds in a riot of vintage-inspired greens, deep pinks, 

and creams. ELLE

It’s not hard to notice the flowers sprouting up on the Fall 2015 runways. From New York to Milan, designers have been growing gardens on their clothing, and it’s as pretty as it sounds. It’s time to forget floral print and upgrade to floral appliqué, a process in which additional fabric is sewn onto a design, creating a decorative 3D effect. (PopSugar)

The floral trend is usually thought of as something for spring and summer, but it’s easy to wear the pieces into fall with the right accessories. With all the leaves changing colors in fall, your bright floral print will fit right in. (Pocampo)

Best of 10

The floral designs that are printed or embroidered onto the garments presented on the fashion week are either in literal fashion or in more abstract designs, as seen on the Louis Vuitton runway show. Whether as a skirt or a jacket, the floral look always looks divine. (Fashionisers)

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