Feminine style: Shades of red

Whether it’s about a fashion accessory or a touch of makeup, red attracts, fascinates and seduce! So, count on red for this start of the year! A pair of dark oxford blue jeans is the ideal choice,

for a casual winter outfit. It matches perfectly with a plaid shirt in shades of red. And the best accessory is a beautiful tote bag, in which you can put your gloves and your knitted hat.

Also, for a party look, you can pick clothes in shades of deep, vibrant and very feminine red. And if you want to add a more boho allure to your outfit, choose a lovely, same shades of red, suede boots. You will look wonderful! 🙂

And above all – RED“It’s the colour of life. It is good for any time, too. In winter I think a red coat is very nice because it is such a warm-looking colour.” – a beautiful remark by Christian Dior in The Little Dictionary of Fashion.





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Featured image: vogue.com